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Velvet Ears is a boutique production music library and the only place to find avant-garde, cinematic, leftfield, high quality music for film, television, advertising and trailers.

Tagged as the “art-house, post-punk production music boutique” Velvet Ears prides itself on its high production value, providing clients with quality tracks that reflect the ever-changing industry. With no competitor offering the same musical diversity, creative energy and direct access to the global media marketplace, Velvet Ears has smartly positioned itself to be the premier provider of dissonantly disruptive, avant-garde sound couture for the amphonically adventurous.

Velvet Ears aims to bring together all of the key artists, producers and songwriters who dominate, inspire and influence in their respective musical worlds. Created by Liz Gallacher, music supervisor of over 70 films, this innovative library is tailored to fit the needs of the current audio-visual marketplace.

The Velvet Ears library is being distributed by Extreme Music, the production music arm of Sony/ATV, globally recognized as the production music super-brand, so be sure to keep check out our first releases at or on the Velvet Ears Souncloud page


  • Pari22

    You guys are amazing!

  • Obirion

    Hi, I am writing to let you know of an important release date in rock n roll history. Its been a long time coming (9 years),but OBiRiON has finally decided to release his debut album. It will be entitled ‘Serotonin’ and has all the makings of a modern day classic. Please listen to some sample tracks at Feel free to share, re-post or review as you will. Your interest and time is very much appreciated as this is not another one of your phony, fake it ’til they find out bands. OBiRiON is real. OBiRiON is here. 18 September 2012, ‘Serotonin’. When ‘Serotonin’ is released many will find themselves in a better state of well being.

  • Sam Brien

    Love your music, especially the tracks done by Gemma Hayes, your label is up there with Extreme’s X series and Andrew Bojanic’s Superpop series! :)

  • Jose Naveiras Garcia

    hi, has O’Dowda some LP?

  • Jimmy
  • Dominic Kelly

    This music library is awesome. I have found another music library that offers unique music that too is amazing , check it out here
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